Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

FM/a® – The FM Test, is a simple blood test that can be done at your doctor’s office. It requires less than an ounce of blood. With a few exceptions, The FM Test is is available in most every state.
FM/a® is a Laboratory-Developed Test (LDT) that was developed — and is performed — in a CLIA certified laboratory. The test meets compliance with (21CFR 866.5700) requirements for a serum immunological test system.
If you have a personal medical background where you possess some or all of the recognized manifestations of fibromyalgia for several months or longer, then after discussing with your doctor and healthcare professionals your symptoms, you are a candidate for this test which can confirm the diagnosis of fibromyalgia in you. The specific traits of fibromyalgia include:

Muscle pain
Poor Sleep
Joint pain
Restless Legs
Poor Memory
Impaired Mental Concentration/Fibro Fog/Brain Fog
Leg Cramps

Those who have previously been diagnosed with FM may want to have the test because — until you have the test — you cannot be sure that your diagnosis has been accurately confirmed. Also, once a baseline level of FM activity has been achieved via your test score, you and your doctor can monitor the effectiveness of your treatment via objective parameters- hence you will know whether you are improving due to that therapy or not versus just feeling better because of a placebo effect.

One may also want to consider having the test to potentially eliminate other diagnoses — like depression — being made incorrectly.

Fibromyalgia strikes children and adults, men and women – it has no single or unique targets. If you have the chronic symptoms of fibromyalgia, you should consider yourself to be a potential test candidate. The test is meant to confirm the suspicions of healthcare professionals that you have fibromyalgia.
FM/a® is drawn like any other blood test. It only takes minutes to obtain the small amount of blood (less than an ounce) that is required. Done properly, there should barely be any trace you had the test. However, if you are on any medications at the time of the test, make sure you inform the medical office or laboratory draw station of that information so all necessary precautions are taken.
More and more patients are getting 100% insurance coverage for the cost of FM/a®. Please contact us directly at our toll-free number, 855-775-FIBR(3427) so we can work with you to get your insurance provider to cover the cost of FM/a®. Sometimes, it may only be your insurance deductible or your co-insurance requirements that you would be responsible for.
You can have your blood drawn for FM/a® at your doctor’s office.

An FM/a® kit with everything a medical professional needs to take the quick, simple blood test will be sent directly to the professional who will draw your blood.

Your blood samples must be shipped overnight to our laboratory in Los Angeles. Because we need the sample within 24 hours, your blood must be drawn between Monday and Thursday, i.e. it cannot be drawn on Friday.

The results are sent per HIPAA rules and regulations in a confidential manner — via e-mail, fax, and/or regular mail your authorized healthcare practitioner. Test results are usually provided in seven to ten days, or less.
Before arranging to undergo the test, a person must temporarily stop taking any medications and supplements that could block their immune system from revealing its fibromyalgia markers. These medications and supplements, whether on a prescription basis or taken without a prescription and via over-the-counter, include: certain supplements, including turmeric; steroid medications; anti-cancer medications; anti-transplant rejection medications; and SINGULAIR® (montelukast sodium). We ask the patient/customer to provide us with a list of their medication and supplements in advance of taking the test.

You should stop using these for at least 5 days before having your FM/a® test but never stop taking any medications without first discussing this decision with your doctor and healthcare providers. Being on such medications at the time of having FM/a® could result in a falsely negative test that cannot uncover the existence of your fibromyalgia medical illness.

Your blood test needs to arrive at the EpicGenetics laboratory within 24 hours, so at no additional cost to you, the test specimen will be sent via Federal Express. In extreme weather conditions, sometimes Federal Express is unable to complete the transport of your specimen in that 24-hour interval. If that occurs and a replacement specimen is required, EpicGenetics will cover 100% of that additional cost (excluding travel, meal, and lodging costs if any are incurred).
FM/a® requires extreme precision and familiarity with analyzing immunologic markers which many laboratories do not have the necessary staff of physicians, immunologists and advance scientific equipment which are required to do the test. EpicGenetics does offer a license to other laboratories who meet our standards. EpicGenetics has filed for the exclusive U.S. and international patent rights to this test methodology.
FM/a® has made what will no doubt be the first breakthrough in diagnosing, understanding and treating this medical illness. We anticipate that our team of researchers and other scientists throughout the world will build on this discovery so that a cure can ultimately be achieved.

The role of FM/a® is not merely meant to accurately confirm the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. It is also the foundation for quantifying this illness and being a catalyst to help fibromyalgia patients achieve a positive productive future with little to no symptoms and finally lead to a cure.