Is There a Cure for Fibromyalgia?

Dr. Bruce Gillis, MD, MPH

Dr. Bruce Gillis, MD, MPH, CEO of EpicGenetics, Inc.

By Dr. Bruce Gillis, MD, MPH


Nearly everyday a physician is asked,  “Is there a cure for my fibromyalgia?” Obviously, in order to cure fibromyalgia, you first must accurately and objectively diagnose it. Since the vast majority of healthcare professionals don’t believe fibromyalgia is an actual disease, they choose to imply and infer that fibromyalgia-afflicted individuals have nothing that is actually wrong with them, except for some hypochondriacal or neurosis-driven syndrome of disconnected symptoms. And, additionally, how can you ever cure that which you cannot see in actual and objective ways?

When it comes to fibromyalgia, ignorance is not bliss.


We do have an accurate and objective way to: 1) prove that fibromyalgia is an an actual medical illness and we can do so via a peer-reviewed and objectively reproducible blood test that was developed at a major university medical center and reproduced under the auspices of a world renown fibromyalgia university professor affiliated with a second university medical center; 2) we can demonstrate to every fibro-skeptic healthcare professional that their ideas about fibromyalgia are wrong, ill-conceived and illustrative that they aren’t staying current with the latest scientific discoveries and facts and therefore it is wrong for them to perpetuate the myth that fibromyalgia isn’t a true medical disorder; and 3) you cannot cure any medical illness until you can document that it exists because you cannot know how to design such curative treatments until you know what are the specific disease parameters.


Consequently, for the millions of fibromyalgia patients, if you want to cure your illness and convince the healthcare professionals you rely upon, you are going to need to initiate the pathway to change all of the wrong and misconceived ideas about fibromyalgia. You have an obligation to yourself, your family, your friends and to every other fibromyalgia afflicted person to change the thinking that currently prevails and to eliminate the biases and prejudice that hold fibromyalgia a hostage. You need to read about the fibromyalgia blood test which was developed and discovered at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, the FM/a® test and which has proven to people from both in and out of the United States that they can show that their fibromyalgia is real, that fibromyalgia can be severely afflicting and that we now have an objective set of fibromyalgia biomarkers which can define a target for treatment and a potential cure.


So, if a fibromyalgia cure is what everyone wants then everyone with fibromyalgia has to do more than complain. They must be both patient and advocate. Until people afflicted with AIDS stood up and marched as a group, there was no significant progress in finding effective ways to treat that illness and up until they joined together, there were many people who propagated myths about that disorder. And fibromyalgia is not only a womens’ issue. It is neither gender specific nor age specific. It afflicts people from childhood to old age.


So, can we cure fibromyalgia? Of course we can. To do so we must show that we have the disease — to our healthcare providers, to our significant others, and to our families and friends. When we do so, researchers both at university medical centers and drug companies will finally acknowledge this painful and debilitating immune system disorder and finally open the door to a cure.


Can you spare the 2/3 of one ounce of blood that the FM/a® test uses? Can you let medical science help you change the current and wrong viewpoints surrounding fibromyalgia? Can you demonstrate that instead of talking about your fibromyalgia, you are actually doing something about it? Every person with fibromyalgia has a right to be cured. It all starts by doing something about your own fibromyalgia.


No one with fibromyalgia need suffer. Prove to yourself that you have fibromyalgia and then together we can prove to the world that fibromyalgia sufferers expect and demand a cure and they will no longer tolerate being degraded and humiliated for having a true, unequivocal and blood test-documented medical disorder.